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Arcade Comedy Theater offers workshops for beginner and advanced improvisers on a variety of subjects, inspiring performers to continue their education and approach the art of improv from different directions. Workshops have been taught by nationally-known improvisers and instructors, including Kevin McDonald, Laura Hall, Rick Hall, Jimmy Carrane, Paul Grondy, Maribeth Monroe, Jaime Moyer, Rob Belushi, Tim Stoltenberg, Susan Messing, Rachel Mason and more.


Workshop Schedule



Thanksgiving Longform Workshop

We will work on two forms during a three-hour workshop. First, we will work on a montage of scenes focused on commitment, acting, and top-of-your-intelligence play. Then, we will collaborate on a monoscene centered around an improvised Thanksgiving Dinner. If one Thanksgiving with your family just isn’t enough for you, then sit down around our table and work on building interesting characters, labeling and gifting your scene partner, and unraveling the best and worst parts of this thing we call “family”. Our workshop culminates in a thirty minute 8:00 PM Arcade Comedy mainstage show that will use the forms that we built together during class.


Johnna Scrabis is Brooklyn-based comedian and Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre teacher. She has also been an improviser on a UCB house improv team since 2012. In addition to teaching and performing, Johnna is a comedy writer who has contributed to CollegeHumor and BRIC TV. In 2018, her feature film was selected as a finalist for the IFP Made In NY Fellowship. Johnna is a co-founder of Hot Metal Arts Collective, a theater company named after a nice bridge in her hometown of Pittsburgh, as well as a host of Mean Book Club, a podcast where four women read terrible New York Times best-sellers and then rip them to shreds (over wine).

Saturday, Nov 24

11:30AM – 2:30PM
Registration $50

Workshop & Ticket Bundle

Sign up for the workshop, and also receive a pair of tickets for that evening’s 8PM show. Give them to some friends and family members so they can cheer you on! (And save $5 off per ticket).

Bundle price $65