Arcade Academy



Arcade Comedy Theater offers workshops for beginner and advanced improvisers on a variety of subjects, inspiring performers to continue their education and approach the art of improv from different directions. Workshops have been taught by nationally-known improvisers and instructors, including Kevin McDonald, Laura Hall, Rick Hall, Jimmy Carrane, Paul Grondy, Chris Trew, Tami Nelson, Rob Belushi, Tim Stoltenberg, Susan Messing, Rachel Mason and more.


Patterns and Premises with Chris Griswold

Saturday, April 29 11AM–2:00PM

This workshop will teach you how to create a simple, focused pattern game that easily creates and develops premises to power your team’s longform set.

Location: 820 Liberty Ave  |  Price: $40-50


The Game Approach with Chris Griswold

Saturday, April 29 3:00PM–6:00PM

How to recognize the funny idea and play it hard for dynamic comedy. Become a coiled fist with a powerful punch, rather than a flurry of weak hits.

Location: 820 Liberty Ave  |  Price: $40-50


About Chris Griswold

Instructor Chris Griswold is the founder and Academic Director of Thunderbolt Comedy. Having taught improv since 1999, Chris is currently one of the world’s most prolific improv instructors, coaching more than 2000 hours in 2014 and 2015 alone. Chris is a writer and actor in New York City, appearing in commercials for Android and the Brother P-Touch Label Maker, as well as PSAs for the United Nation’s #HeForShe program, and Project #UROK. Chris is originally self-taught in improv, but he has trained with both the Annoyance Theater and extensively with the Upright Citizens Brigade, where he previously worked as a registrar and diversity liaison. With a history in social media and journalism, Chris also teaches private workshops for business and conferences in topics such as branding, team-building, and creativity training.