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Becoming an intern at Arcade Comedy Theater is a great way to have fun, get exposed to plenty of great comedy, and become an active member in our theater community! Oh yeah, and you get a discount on classes. If you’re interested in becoming an intern for this upcoming session of classes, please register for class and select the INTERNSHIP option.


How does it work?

At Arcade, we have two internship options: FULL and PARTIAL. A Full intern works at Arcade for eight shifts in exchange for free classes. We do require that all Full interns make a $50 deposit before the start of class to hold your spot as a student and an intern. $45 of this deposit is refundable at the completion of your internship commitment. Partial interns pay 50% of the cost of a class and work four shifts at the theater. Easy enough, right?
If for any reason you’re unable to complete your commitment as an intern, your deposit or partial class payment can’t be refunded.
Remember: all internships aren’t official until you’ve been contacted by our internship coordinator. We appreciate your patience — we get a lot of internship requests, but can only take so many. All interns are also required to go through a mandatory training before working their first shift. 

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