Arcade Academy

We've got more courses than a Thanksgiving dinner!

2014 Session Schedule:

Session 1: January 5 — March 1
Session 2: March 9 – May 10
Session 3: May 18 – July 26
Session 4: August 10 – October 4
Session 5: October 12 – December 13


Improv One: The Basics

Group A: Thursdays 6:30pm – 9:30pm @ The 707 Academy
Group B: TBA

This eight-week, three-hour class taught by Second City alum Kristy Nolen is open to everyone and appropriate for all levels of improv experience.Whether you are completely new to improvisation, or are a seasoned performer who wants to get back to basics, this class is for you. Students will learn: “Yes And” (agreement and extension), group mind, give and take, and basic environment and object work in a supportive, playful environment. The class culminates with a 30-minute “work-in-progress” showcase on the eighth week.

Class offered in Sessions 1 – 5 | Registration $200

Improv Two: Short Form

Mondays 7pm – 10pm @ The 707 Academy

Building on previous concepts, IMPROV TWO focuses on short form improv. We’ll be delving into a variety of different performance games including: character-based games, option games, scenic games and story-telling games, concluding with the mechanics of putting the pieces together for a successful performance. Invite friends and family to a 45-minute show of improv games for our final week.

Prerequisite: Improv One or a first-level improv class | Class offered in Sessions 1 – 5 | Registration $200

Intro to Stand-Up Comedy

Tuesdays 7pm – 9:30pm @ Arcade Comedy Theater

This stand-up class will provide you with lots of ideas, exercises and techniques to help develop your writing, performing and critique of your own unique stage performance. Not everyone is a ‘Late Show’ jokester, not every one is a loud, charismatic performer, some of you are story tellers – we’ll find out what best suits you on stage and in your writing process. You won’t learn how to write jokes for your cousin’s wedding, be the life of the party or make business presentations hilarious – but we can discover how YOU can be funny on stage and create a stand-up performance from your own personality and experiences, whether you’re pursuing stand-up comedy as a hobby or as a career.

Prerequisite: None | Taught by Aaron Kleiber | Registration $200 (only partial-internships available)


Improv Three: Long Form

Offered Next Term

In IMPROV THREE, the spotlight is on scene work, the building block of long form improv. Students will be exploring: dialogue, heightening, status, emotion, edits and delving deeper into object work and character, performing montages and “The Harold”. Staying truthful and reacting honestly is emphasized. IMPROV THREE’s long form improvised class show will be featured during the Arcade’s Sunday Night Bonus Stage, a show open to the public.

Prerequisite: Improv One & Two.